Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Emily's Short Hair!

OK everyone- we are making progress!  I've been hard at work for my photog class and working with new software, but now I've figured out how to rescale my photos to a blog-friendly size!  So I don't want to make any promises about how much I'll be updating- but I hope it will be more now!  So for starters- here's our little girl looking bigger with her new haircut and even a straightened style:)!

Monday, September 03, 2012

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

Be patient- we'll be back soon.  We're just figuring out our new computer and settling down from the move to Fredericton (which we are loving:).  Thanks for keeping up with us- pictures to follow soon:) 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Spring Days in McAdam

Here's Daddy attempting to cut Owey's hair.  He did a better job than I did last time, but we still had to take him to a pro a week later:)

Blue eyes:)  Not so baby anymore:)

Snip, snip

Owen playing in the backyard- as you can see, we really keep up with our lawn:)
The kids having a snack on the deck on a hot day after playing in their little pool- cute:)  
Reminds me of me and Tara:)
Eating goldfishies
My pretty girl

Emily loves to celebrate things.  Sometimes she makes up holidays to celebrate.  This one was an "Early Father's Day" where we blew up balloons and made a big deal of Daddy.  All to be repeated on the real Father's day:)


Don't ask me why the pictures line up the way they do.  Anyways, I love this b&w of Owen's eyes:)

 This was Emily randomly putting her winter vest on upside down so it was like a diaper.  
It was funny.

We're coming to an end to a lot of things in our lives right now- and new beginnings!  It's all exciting.  Here's Emily's last Sunday School Class- it was like a party with all the ages together, games outside, balloons and treats, etc- they had lots of fun:)
That's me leading some songs-  our friend Trevor usually does that b4 their classes and sometimes I teach a new song.
Emily helping write a "list".  She did very well- her writing's getting better all the time.  
Still all uppercase- so cute:)
"Silly face time!", she yells, then makes this face:)
I recently did a photography workshop at the high school for a few kids and so Emily was my model a lot:)  She was very good at it:):)

Here is an event me and Emmy attended at our new church.  It was called Sophie's Tea, held in honor of a sweet young girl with some serious health problems and pain.  It's a tea for little girls and their moms or nanas:)  and my friend Nicolle ran it.  Here she is with her daughter Claire- a super sweet girl (both:).  The girls did a walk around and Nicolle commented on their dresses and favorite interests -- it was hilarious and oh so cute:)

This is Sophie- she held this pose for quite a while- it was so cute:):)

The girls drank juice from real mini china tea cups and saucers!
Emily loved it- she had a sweet matching outfit on- skirt, and tights that matched the sweater- my fave outfit on her, actually:) She wanted to wear a skirt and not a dress because I was wearing a skirt:)

Our friend Connie and her granddaughter Autumn-
 we went to Connie's house after and the kids had fun together:)
Meanwhile....the boys all went to look for insects at a local park.  Fun.  Scott went with them and took Owen.  Here's Owen with "the big boys":) Christopher and Max.
Autumn has the most beautiful eyes- a photographer's dream:)  What a cutie.

Some crazy pics of me and Anya, just hanging out in my yard, per usual, having a cup of tea.

Awww.  What will we do without each other??

We've packed most of what can be packed already.  The big stuff will go on the truck on the 25th, but some of the little stuff we will take in the trunk when we get the house....this Friday!!
My life is asking people for boxes right now.  Last time I dropped a bunch in the mall parking lot and had to kick them along since I had too many in my hands to pick them up.  It was a good time.
Things are starting to look bare!

I've been helping my friend Shirley with some scrapbooking for a while.  She's been doing it on her own lately and her pages are looking great!  Yay!

 This feels strangely good.  I love when the kids lay all over me.  It's like a back massage.

 I love being one of their favorite spots:)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Greenhill Lake Camp 2012

This was our first successful attempt at going to camp with our kids.  Before now it was just too stressful and just not worth the stress for me, but this year proved that kids get easier as they get older!  (I'm talking 3 and 5 vs babies, not teens, etc...:)  Anyways, we had a great time and here are some pictures of our weekend away:)

This is as still as I could get them to be.  
Owen is shining a mini flashlight up onto 
the rim of his hat and trying to look at it-hehe.
 They each got a big goodie bag when they got there and we unpacked the things they'd need for sleeping (as we got there at 6ish)- so here's Owen's bunk.
 Here's Emmy's bunk and treats.  
Anyone who knows me can only imagine how pumped I was to see my own kids at camp:)

Eating cookies
 Scott at camp:)

Owen is obsessed with that light.
 Snack time at night.  We walked into the dining hall and Emily says, "Is this a restaurant?"

Emily at bedtime- so cute:)
 Owen all snuggled in for the night.  It was about 10pm when we got to bed.
"Owen, lay down" repeated many times over.
 Song time- all the kids had an instrument:)
Emily with her triangle.
 Owen with his sucker- and his tambourine.

Sometimes the sucker won out.
 There's the tambourine occasionally!
 Our friends Darren and Maurica- we always have so much fun together- it was awesome to see them and our kids played together all weekend:)

Worship team from Grand Manan
 Owen takes a nap- so tired from the late night- cute:)
 Emily and Rebekah were thick as thieves:)

This building was super cool.  The door was cool and the inside even better- 
a rock climbing room!  First time I've ever done it- it was fun!
 Waiting for someone to get the key and open the door
 Owen's onto another sucker
 Maurica and Emily- isn't this cool?  Emily's climbing one to nine!

Everyone wanted to try it.  It was super fun.
 This was a cool net-swing thing that the kids got in and then we swung them.
They were loving it.
 I learned a lot over the weekend about King David and how he relates to us- it was challenging.
 Our friends' Dale and Lois brought their grandson- Cohen
 Scott speaking.  He did a great job.  I love him so much.  The end!